Manifestations of a True Shiite Behavior

قيمت مقاله الكترونيكي: 

Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi Mesbah Yazdi


In his continuation of his commentary on the attributes and signs of the true Shiites and the righteous, Imam Ali introduces their other signs as follows: “A true Shiite does not waste what he has to preserve and does not give meaningless and ugly nicknames to others, and will not oppress anyone and will not be defeated by envy. A true Shiite does not harm his neighbor and does not blame anyone who is in distress. A true Shiite preserves any trusts which is given to him and returns it to its rightful owner, performs his prayers and his religious duties and is quick in doing good and is unwilling in bad deeds and refuses to do so. He enjoins good, and he follows himself, and forbids wrong and he avoids it himself”. This article tries to describe and interpret these characteristics.

Keywords: Shiites, Moral Pests, Jealousy, Divine Fate and Fortune, Enjoining Good, Forbidding Wrong.

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