Investigating the Symbols of Ignorant Culture in the Economic Field of Iran at the Time of the Emergence of Islam

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Seyed Hamed Niazi / MA of Islamic History and Civilization from Islamic Maaref University                                                                                                        

Received: 2019/05/21 - Accepted: 2019/08/16


The world was undergoing epistemic and structural transformation as Islam emerged in various fields. The rule of ignorant culture was prevalent in the Arabian Peninsula, with the emphasis of the Holy Quran (Aal-i-Imraan: 54, Al-Ma’idah: 50, Al-Ahzāb: 33, Fath: 36). Given the historical reports and the fact that the dignity of descending the verses of the Holy Quran does not specify its contents, was the mentioned culture, at the global level (coinciding with the rise of Islam), particularly active in Iran? If so, how was it in the economic realm? This research is a library-based research with the purpose of discovering the historical truth in the field by analyzing the historical data. The output of the descriptive-analytical study of Iranian historical data in the economic dimension reveals the dominance of the components of the ignorant culture that was managed and guided by the Sasanian design. Since the social body was suffering from severe pressures in various fields, especially the economic field, it welcomed it with open arms after becoming familiar with Islam.

Keywords: Ignorant Culture, Economic Situation, Iran, The Emergence of Islam.


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