The Comparative Ontology of the Religious Press in the Constitutional and Pahlavi I Era (1907-1941)

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Hassan Zandiyeh / Assisstant Professor of the Department of History at Tehran University

Hussein-Ali Ghorbani / Ph.D. of History from Research Institute of Imam Khomeini and Islamic Revolution                                                                                                            

Received: 2019/01/27 - Accepted: 2019/06/13


The rise of Western Culture and Civilization influence on the Iranians In the historical era of the constitution and the first Pahlavi era, led the Islamic currents to act against Western ideas in various ways in defense of religious beliefs. One of the areas of activity of these currents was the press. The present study aims at answering the question of which religious presses of this period considered their time issues critically. The results of the study show that the press, which differed within themselves, raised numerous issues and criticized Western views. Some of the most important issues raised include: the Western educational and cultural system, women's issues (such as hijab, social participation and women's education and training), Muslim backwardness and its solution, the need for correct up-to-date interpretations of Islamic teachings, and the need for Islamic practice. The research method is a library, quantitative and qualitative findings are analyzed historically.

Keywords: Religious Press, Westernism, Constitutionalism, Pahlavi I.

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