Shiite Imamiyeh Beliefs Specificities in the Issue of Imamate from the Perspective of Seyed Morteza

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Masoumeh Ismaili / Assistant Professor, Hoda Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studie

Received: 2019/12/16 - Accepted: 2020/05/11


Shiite Imamiyeh beliefs specificities are a set of teachings that are either exclusive to the Shiites; or its narration and its type of explanation belongs to the Shiites. The subject of this article is to explain and extract the Shiite Imamiyeh beliefs specificities from the point of view of Seyed Morteza. Using a descriptive-analytical method and clarifying the boundaries of Shiite Imamiyeh beliefs with other Islamic sects, this paper seeks to extract the Shiite Imamiyeh beliefs specificities from the theological texts of the Imamiyeh, which were close to the time of Imam’s presence and were contemporary with the Sunnis. Compiling numerous books and treatises and answering the doubts of Sunnis, Seyed Morteza, as one of the prominent theologians of the Baghdad school, provides the true explanation of Islamic beliefs and a complete system of Shiite thought. The findings show

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