The Epistemological Dimensions of the Imam of Time (aj) in Religious Teachings

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Fatemeh Akbarzadeh Najjar / PhD student in Islamic Philosophy and Theology, University of Islamic Religions

 and Religions                                                                                                             

Ali Akbarzadeh Najjar / Students of Qom seminary                                       

Received: 2019/10/31 - Accepted: 2020/04/30


According to the narrations, knowing the Imam is the condition of religiosity. In a rule, anyone knows the Imam, he/she will also know Monotheism and Prophethood. But if one does not know the Imam of the time, then he/she does not know monotheism and Prophethood. Using a descriptive-analytical method and focusing of the Holy Qur’an and narrations, this paper studies the epistemological dimensions of the Imam of the Time (aj) in religious teachings. The findings show that, people in the time of occultation can prepare the conditions for their perfection and the reappearance of the Imam through the recognition of the Imam and his state in worship and servitude.

Keywords: knowledge, dimensions of knowledge, the Imam of Time (aj), infallible Imams.

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