Shiite Discourse in the Scope of the Theological Thought of Qazi Nurullah Shustari

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@ Hasan Karami Mohammadabadi / M.A. in Islamic Education, Tehran University 

Mohammad Husain Irandoost / Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Qom Islamic Azad University

Received: 2019/01/27 - Accepted: 2020/05/14                                                          


Qazi Nurullah Shustari is one of the famous scholars of the tenth and eleventh centuries AH. Using a descriptive-analytical method, this paper analyzes the life and time of Qazi Nurullah Shustari, as two important factors in the formation of his theological thought. Recognizing the prevailing atmosphere and opposing ideas, despite the presence of some Akhbari scholars such as Mir Yousef Ali Astarabadi and some Sufi leaders, he was able to show the moderate face of Shi’a. He played a role in promoting the Shiite discourse through various methods such as letter writing, writing, teaching and cooperation with Sunni kings. He has written valuable works in explaining Shiite theology, such as “Iḥqāq al-Ḥaqq wa Izhaq al-Bāṭil”.

Keywords: Qazi Nurullah Shustari, India, Shiite school, Iḥqāq al-Ḥaqq.

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