Delegation and “a Theory between the two Theories” in Human Actions based on God and Man’s Power and Will

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Seyed Mohammad Qazavy / M.A. in Philosophy of Religion, IKI                               

Received: 2020/02/02 - Accepted: 2020/06/03


This paper seeks to study the dispute between the Mu’tazilites and the Imams over the issue of delegation and a Theory between the two Theories (Amr Bayn al-Amrayn). The Mu’tazilites consider ability to be prior to action for a number of reasons, and in this way they consider man to be truly agent. The Mu’tazilites believe that it is not possible for two able-bodied people to unite in a single act, while each has a different motive than the other. Therefore, they have denied the power of God so that the task, reward and punishment will be meaningful and His Justice and Wisdom be preserved. There is a difference of opinion among some Imami theologians in the sense of ability, but in the end, all of them have accepted the ability of man and the power of God. Imamiyeh consider man as the direct agent and God as the causal agent. In this sense, both are called real actors. In relation to misdeeds, man is a direct actor and God is a mediated and by-accident actor.

Keywords: Imamiyeh, Mu’tazilites, delegation, a Theory between the two Theories, ability, will.

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