Reviewing the Modernization Process of Spirituality in Modern Religions (Case Study, Alternatives to Spirituality in Modern Satanism)

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Seyedamir Seyedjafari / M.A. in Philosophy of Religion Allameh Tabatabai' University

Received: 2020/05/30 - Accepted: 2020/09/27


Modern spirituality is a concept that requires careful consideration of emerging examples. Examining one of these examples i.e. modern satanism, this study has sought to find its characteristics. Using a descriptive-analytical method, and considering the effects of modernism, liberalism and Christian humanism on satanism, this study first examines the characteristics of modern spirituality in new movements and then compares it with satanism in both psychological and sociological studies. Finally, we have outlined spiritual alternatives to satanism that are in line with new movements in Christianity. These alternatives are, paying attention to personal pleasure, especially sexual matters instead of piety, paying attention to individual unconscious knowledge, instead of knowing the metaphysical being, transforming the structure of traditional spirituality, which is more internal, into social dynamics and activities aimed at solving sociological problems, paying attention to individual ethics instead of religious ethics with social approaches.

Keywords: modern spirituality, characteristics of modern spirituality, the realm of satanic psychology, the realm of satanic sociology.

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