The Conditions of the Moral Factor from the Perspective of Imamiyah and Catholicism

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Seyed Akbar Husaini Ghale Bahman / Associate Professor Department of Religions IKI

@ Mojtaba Nouri Kouhbanani / M.A. in Religions IKI                                          

Received: 2020/02/14 - Accepted: 2020/09/13


One of the important issues in ethical researches is the issue of moral responsibility, which its various aspects, including conditions and scope, have been studied. There is a difference between moral responsibility and the moral factor. Although they may have some similarities in some issues, they are two different notions. So, the question of this research is what are the conditions of the moral factor? What is the appropriate definition for it? To avoid confusion between moral responsibility and moral agent. Using a descriptive-analytical method, this paper studies the conditions of the moral factor from the perspective of Shia Imamiyah and Catholicism. The findings show that, the conditions of the moral factor are very similar to each other in Shia Imamiyah and Catholicism.

Keywords: moral factor conditions, Imamyeh, Catholicism, distinction.

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