An Investigation into the Ease and Difficulty of Prayer in Islam and Judaism

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Husain Naghavi / Assistant Professor Department of Religions IKI                                         

@ Ebrahim Bahadivand Chegini / M.A. in Theology IKI                                          

Received: 2020/02/04 - Accepted: 2020/07/15


Prayer is one of the most important acts of worship in Judaism and Islam. Ease and difficulty is one of the aspects of prayer that can be studied comparatively to clarify the superiority of Islam and its comprehensiveness. In this study only the ease and difficulty of prayer has been considered. Using a descriptive-analytical method and referring to the jurisprudential texts of both religions and paying attention to the criteria and factors of ease and difficulty, this paper came to the conclusion that unlike Islam, the prayer in Judaism is a difficult and arduous act of worship, since the proper conditions and rules that have been set in Islam for prayer and its pillars, have made it an easy act of worship. Therefore, the superiority of Islam in this aspect, i.e. ease and difficulty, has been proven. Since a comprehensive religion must consider all aspects of human needs.

Keywords: ease, difficulty, prayer, Islam, Judaism.



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