An Evaluation of the Concept of the "Spouses Self-supporting" in Refusing Childbearing from the Islamic Viewpoint

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@ Ali Malakoutinia / PhD in Nahj al-Balagheh Science and Education, Quran and Hadith University

Zeinab Sadat-e Nikouei Roozbehani / BA in Hadith Sciences, Quran and Hadith University

Received: 2020/09/01 - Accepted: 2021/03/10


The studies regarding the contemporary Iranian families' willingness to childbearing suggests a kind of change in attitudes and desires in this respect. They seem to have important concerns that can be studied and evaluated in the economic, cultural, social and biological fields. Meanwhile, "self-protection / self-preservation" has been declared the most important concern in refusing childbearing by spouses. Using a descriptive-analytical method this paper show that the "spouses self-supporting" is one of the influential variables in refusing childbearing in families. Islamic studies shows that this idea has many problems and consequences that call into question its validity among its supporters. It is therefore appropriate for the men and women of contemporary society to reconsider this idea to provide the ground for childbearing and increasing the young and efficient population of Islamic Iran on a larger scale.

Keywords: childbearing ethics, spouses self-supporting, reluctance to have children, family, Islamic approach to population growth.

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