The Thematic Study of the Network Marketing

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Abbas Shafie'inejad / Director of the Department of Economics Global Center for Jurisprudence of Pure Imams

Received: 2020/11/03 - Accepted: 2021/03/16                                                        


Network marketing is a way to make a profit. Companies benefit by receiving membership fees or selling products at a higher price. Some believe that this method improves product quality, getting the country out of recession, reduces costs and creates a positive cash flow. The focus of the proponents' argument is that intermediaries are eliminated in network marketing; therefore, the cost is reduced and the necessary liquidity for reproduction is provided to the companies. But in fact, this method transfers costs to the company and its branches (not reducing costs); while it has other negative consequences. While arguing for and against this deal, thematically this article examines the criteria for distinguishing between healthy and unhealthy marketing. Using a descriptive-analytical method and helping the economy, this paper gives some tips on how to fix network marketing damage.

Keywords: network marketing, pyramid companies, Islamic economics, jurisprudential thematic study.


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