The Role of Ziyad ibn Abihi in Strengthening and Consolidating the Rule of the Umayyads

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Seyyed Akbar Mousavi Tanyani / PhD in Shia Studies, University of Religions and Denominations

Received: 2021/03/15 - Accepted: 2021/07/10


Ziyad ibn Abihi is one of the agents of the Umayyads who ruled in a critical historical period in the middle of the first century A.H. in the strategic and crisis-ridden region of Iraq. Using an analytical-descriptive method and for a detailed analysis of the early history of Islam and the elucidation of its hidden and unknown angles, in this study, the period of Ziyad ibn Abihi over Iraq has been explored. This study seeks to answer the question of how much Ziyad ibn Abihi played a role in strengthening and establishing the Umayyad caliphate during his rule in Iraq, and what activities he carried out in this regard. Studies show that he did his best to severely suppress the opponents of the Umayyads and tried to make the Umayyad rule successful through social, economic, civilizational and cultural activities. As a result of his actions, the land of Iraq remained calm for the Umayyads during his rule, and the possible dangers of the Iraqis for the newly established Umayyad government were eliminated.

Keywords: Ziyad ibn Abihi, Umayyads, Shiites, Kufa, Basra, determinism.


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