An Overview of the Historical Course of the Emergence and Establishment of the Safavid Shiite State in Iran

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Raheleh Mohammad Bagher / Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic Education, Farhangian University

Received: 2021/04/14 - Accepted: 2021/07/19                                                         


Shiite movements led by great Shiite scholars promoted and spread Shiism in Iran, which at the beginning of the tenth century A.H. led to the formation of the Safavid state. Using an analytical-descriptive method, relying on first-hand sources and focusing on Shiite movements and governments this paper seeks to analyze the causes and events of the emergence and establishment of the Safavid Shiite state in Iran to accurately understand the conditions of the political establishment of the Safavid Shiite state. The main finding of this study shows that previous Shiite movements and governments have paved the way for the emergence of this dynasty. Also, the efforts of Shiite scholars at the time of the Safavids, who entered the Safavid government based on the history of Islam and the principles of jurisprudence, is very important.

Keywords: Shiism, Safavid, Shiite movements and governments, scholars and jurists.

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