An Analysis of the Idea of Destinyism in Tarikh-i Bayhaqi

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Hamideh Daneshjoo / PhD student in post-Islamic Iranian History, Ferdowsi University Mashhad

Received: 2021/02/04 - Accepted: 2021/06/13                                                     


One of the issues that has been considered by different historians in different schools of Islamic historiography and has been the focus of analysis of different events is the issue of destinyism. Using a descriptive-analytical method, this paper seeks to answer the question of what is the position of the idea of destinyism in Tarikh-i Bayhaqi. The results show that despite the fact that Bayhaqi has followed the scientific and sometimes rational method in his historiography, but because of superficiality, he practically denies the human will and introduces divine destiny as the most important factor in the emergence and formation of events. This idea is especially reflected in his historiography in relation to political issues. The findings also show that various factors have played a role in the formation of the idea of destinyism in Tarikh-i Bayhaqi. 

Keywords: Bayhaqi, Tarikh-i Bayhaqi, historiography, reflection of the thought of destinyism, Ghaznavi.

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